Because Canada was great and I don't want to live oppressed and lied to then having to leave the country to a real democracy

I vote because I believe Canada can do better for the world. I believe that Canadians care about other people who struggle through life in their own country and around the world, they care about the environment and they care about the rule of law and democracy and freedom. So I vote because people have died for this right and there is so much left to do. Even though we are a wealthy and safe country, there is so much we can improve for ourselves and for the world.

Sense of History: Others gave up their lives ( just think of what that means!) so that I could live in freedom. Voting is my small duty in return.

I have the right to.

I want to see reform in the senate and house of commons so that all parties can work together to serve Canadians.

It is the single most important thing you can do for our great country

I vote in celebration of the women who established our 'personhood' and therefore our right to this equal opportunity. I claim this right with great appreciation for their strength and persistence.

I vote because I respond to and am guided by this wonderful idea, which I saw written in stone on a public building many years ago: "A DEMOCRACY DEPENDS UPON THE ACTIVE PARTICIPATION OF THE CITIZENS." Voting is part of that responsibility and right. Another part is getting informed and following the issues and developments which course through our lives to make a better society and country.

Too many people take democracy for granted. I'm lucky to have a vote - why would I waste it?

I vote to give peace of mind to pioneers; who protected this right with their blood.

I vote because I want to live in a country that respects diversity and sustainability.

I vote because women did not always have the right to and because I want my girls to know that I care about the country that they live in.