I vote because: democracy, women's suffrage, free country etc. (actually I just like filling out forms.)

I vote because I like filling out forms. No, seriously, I love forms. Op-scan sheets make me drool. Voting is like a test for which you always know the answer, and there's only one question.

I vote because of the many women who fought for the recognition under the law that I too am a person and as such my voice has as much merit as a man's. I am proud to vote and do so honouring the women who came before me. Vote, vote, vote!

Not only have I voted but I have also participated in the creation of policy, supported candidates and communicated with elected officials. Democracy only works when we participate.

It's fun. I'm 26yrs old and the first time I got to vote was in a municipal election. It was just so rewarding to know that I had a say. I also feel very proud to show up on voting day with my voting card and ID and to show the other people there that my say is just as meaningful as theirs is. Can't wait to vote this year.

I vote because it is my democratic duty in Canada and to show other people in the world that democracy does work if you work at it.

I vote because it is the basic foundation of a free country, it brings me hope that I can ensure, the future, for my children in elections.

I vote because I care about DEMOCRACY and believe that when a govt promises transparency and openness they should follow through Canadian politics.

I vote because it is my right. I am discouraged because it feels like the west doesn't matter. I vote anyway.

I vote because every person that doesn't vote increases the value of my vote. With less than half the eligible voters voting last election, my vote is worth roughly double what it should be. I am essentially voting for one other person who doesn't vote. I could be voting for the Marxist party of Canada. Do you want that, non-voter?

I believe in the Canadian democratic parliament and hope for a strong united Canada with a share vision and common goals. Canada has can be a strong nation and I hope we are a great example to the rest of the world.

It is my democratic right (Use it or loose it) I believe in Social Justice in all it forms.