I have hope for Canada.

I vote because i wish to make my issues & needs as a North Western Ontario, Kenora citizen heard! Democracy and thus voting is a contribution to our valued citizenship in Canada.. Honoring our veterans and adding my voice to our collective future is a privileged for me. Get OUT and vote!

I vote because because as a new Canadian I want to be heard by my government and represented.

I vote because I can.

I vote because I want politicians to realize every election is a necessary election, until the government learns to respect the majority of voter's wishes. Every election is necessary until MPs learn to work together. I vote because I want politicians to understand that coalitions are normal.

It is my civic right and responsibility. I want to help keep this country great. I agree with Lynnea. Sometimes it really feels like the west doesn't have a strong voice, but perhaps more of us just need to actually use it. Vote!!

I vote because I long to live in a country and in a world where anything is possible, and people of all walks of life can come together to make a better, more welcoming, world.

It is my right and my duty that has been privileged to me to voice my political opinion, even if at times I feel my opinion is not heard. To that end, I have no right to complain if I don't vote.

I vote because I have a democratic duty and a voice that demands to be heard at the table of compromise.

it is empowering - with such low voter turnout, the 50% of Canadian who decided not to vote last election could on their own elect -any party they wanted-. That's why I vote.

We need not fight to make a change, simply mark our X and flex our right on May 2nd, with careful reflection-for your voice.

I vote so that my voice as a citizen of the greatest country in the world is heard, and to ensure this Nation stays great so that my children never have to risk their lives to cast their ballots.....