I vote because I take responsibility for my part in making this country great.

I vote against Harper to prevent a dictatorship. To have a safe food policy because the food inspectors were muzzled after the last election. To save our public healthcare and public broadcaster, the CBC. To save CANADA because of Harper negotiating the security and prosperity agreement better known as the North American Union.

Because I refuse to sit idly by, with my voice stifled and my right, wasted.

I vote because we can have a voice in the decisions that affect our present and future of our country, cities and societies.

I vote to keep a democracy.

To get rid of harper.

I believe it's my civic duty!

i vote because politicians are public servants. they get a sweet wage, so i dont want just anybody representing the things i care about. if you don't vote and make them work, they get a free ride and its just another form of welfare.

I vote because I care for Canada and parliament. We are so lucky to live in a democratic country.

It's my right and responsibility.

I vote because I like to complain about politicians, if I don't vote I shouldn't complain.

Worried about future of social programs, especially healthcare.