I vote because I wish to inform our elected officials that they are vulnerable to the concerns of those who elect them.

I want to celebrate Canada's unique cultural diversity on Canada Day just as I did as a child. I want my Canada back.

I feel that the more rational thinking people who vote decrease the effect of the crazy and impractical voters

or not, because democracy is 50% +1 Not 30% with 100% of power

I am saddened and ashamed by the messages from the Conservative Party. Need to vote them out.

I may only be one, but together we are many...

I vote because I don't want to leave future generations with an environmental, social and economic deficit.

I vote because it is the very least I need to do to then be able to stand behind anything else I believe in (not using carrier bags at the grocery) and ever want to complain about what the government does!

I voted in #elxn41 to support justice, democracy and a livable planet for children.

It's the price of freedom.

I love Peace and Happiness

I vote because I have the privilege of being born in a country where it is possible. Women have not had the vote for all that long, those who went before fought for the right, I have the responsibility to use it.