I want better for my country's people. And, having many people who have no rights it means my vote matters more. (living as an expat now)

I want Democracy

as a tax payer, i am part of the hiring committee. i want to know that the person *i* am paying, is doing the job i want them to do. "use your government, or they will use you".

I vote because people in other countries are giving their life to have the same right.

I vote because every voice counts!

I vote because other people in the world cannot. I vote because men and women died to give me the freedom to do so. I vote because, as a Canadian, it is my duty to ensure my country remains democratic and free for future generations. I vote because I can.

I have lived in Canada for 48 years; and it has never since then been more important to vote. We need to get Harper out and make Canada great again.

it is not only a right but a privilege. I vote because I can and I believe I can make a difference!

I don't believe in apathy, and neither should you.

We must!!! We have a present government which is catering heavily to the rich, ignoring the environment 100% and has dropped our country from being the #1 peacekeeping country in the world to #64 with unwarranted, nonsensical attacks on Afghanistan. Who cares about a bunch of Taliban goat-fucking terrorists on the other side of the world who had no bearing on Canada whatsoever! Osama bin Laden was in Pakistan for heaven's sake!!! (Ahhh...but there was gas... and profit to be made...) I vote for a change in government and may all others in Canada do the same!!! Anything BUT Harper!!!

I've travelled to a few places in the world where people can't vote and it doesn't look all that great...

I know what Canada I want and the only way to have it is to vote for a party who wants the same .