First of all, I want to live in a country where I can actually vote (and I do). I know that my vote can make a difference. You can't be silent about it, though; you must discuss politics with friends and family, even if it means that you might offend someone. It's about engaging the public. There are people literally dying for the right to vote, and yet so many young Canadians are apathetic. Choose which party reflects your beliefs the most and then cast your ballot. Use the Internet to your advantage and research every single party member to the fullest extent. Think of Canada as a whole and then think of your family and your future kids (if you have any). What sort of life do you want? For the poor and working class, we need to work together to make Canada a good place for everyone. Where is our Robin Hood?

I vote for women's right to choose, gay rights & gun control.

I vote because I care about the place I live and the decisions made here. I was raised by a grandmother born 7 years before women had the vote anywhere in the British Commonwealth. Because I know it is a right, a privilege and a duty, and because a government needs our voices to serve us best: I vote!

I vote because politicians decide my future. It's not fucking rocket science, it's my life.

It is my right and duty to vote

...because the future matters and I have a role to play in it.

I vote because I believe, that every voice matters.