I vote because "we get the government we deserve" (John Turner) and if you don't vote because you don't feel you can make a difference you'll end up thinking you'll never make a difference - but you can and you should vote! Exercise your rights before you forget that you have rights.

it's my responsibility, I care about the future, it's important.

I vote because it is my democratic right and responsibility.

Canada is the greatest country in the world. Voting is a way I can personally protect the country and values I hold dear so that I'll have a Canada I want in the future.

Health care, education, environment, women's rights, respect

I acknowledge that the current system is imperfect and frustrating and that the current choices we are presented with are also imperfect and frustrating. However, we do have some choices that appear better than others, and I think it's worth working with the system we've got to at least try to move in a better direction. Maybe if the NDP or the Greens come into power it won't be the Utopia we're dreaming of, but I *guarantee* it will be better than the Conservatives! So I am voting because I think we can do better than what we've got right now. And I also try to remind myself that a vote is never wasted - if the Conservatives and Liberals see more people voting NDP and Green, they will be more motivated to try to win back these votes by adjusting their own policies. Even a small step in the right direction is still a step!! "Petit à petit l'oiseau fait son nid."

I have the right to have my voice heard about those who are going to be our decision makers

I vote because my opinion matters and I am lucky to live in a country that gives me that opportunity.

I vote because it's important. Do you?

I respect the women who fought for my right to vote.

I have yet to hear a legitimate excuse for not voting. I'm not sure one exists.

I vote because I CAN! HOORAY!