The Canada I know and love is quickly disappearing and I am ashamed to be Canadian some days.

I vote because the leaders of our country need to know what is important to the people that live here.

it is not only a right but a privilege. I vote because I can and I believe I can make a difference!

I vote because every voice counts!

I vote because I wish to inform our elected officials that they are vulnerable to the concerns of those who elect them.

I want to celebrate Canada's unique cultural diversity on Canada Day just as I did as a child. I want my Canada back.

I vote because I don't want to leave future generations with an environmental, social and economic deficit.

I may only be one, but together we are many...

I vote because my great-grandmother fought for the right to let me; my vote keeps the memory of all those brave women alive.

I vote because I want to live in a country that respects diversity and sustainability.

I vote because women did not always have the right to and because I want my girls to know that I care about the country that they live in.

I vote because of the many women who fought for the recognition under the law that I too am a person and as such my voice has as much merit as a man's. I am proud to vote and do so honouring the women who came before me. Vote, vote, vote!